What To Expect

Hypnotherapy Session

When you initially contact me, please do so by email, so I can than email you out a form to complete, detailing what it is you wish to change.

Once I receive this form back from you, I will need a few days to formulate a script.

When you email the form back, please book in with me at this time.

From there I will put together a Hypnosis script that suits your needs, as this is what I will be reading from during the session.

When you arrive for your session, we have a chat about what Hypnotherapy is, what will happen during the session and answer any questions you may have.

Once the session is complete, you may have some questions for me, so we will spend a short time chatting.

After the session: you may feel slightly different, as energy is shifting, though don’t worry, as this is to be expected. Drink water. You can always email me after, with any questions you have around this.

The face-to-face session will go between 1hr to 11/2hrs depending on what comes up for you and cost is $150.



Reiki healing Session

is either a hands on or off depending on what you are comfortable with.  You lie down in a comfortable position as you will be there for an hour. During the session if your body wants to move, allow this as it is the Reiki energy moving through your body. This is due to the Reiki energy awakening your body’s own natural healing abilities.

Reiki clears energy blocks and heals the energy pathways allowing the life force energy to flow naturally and freely. Reiki accelerates the body’s ability to heal physical ailments and opens the mind and spirit to causes of disease and pain.

Reiki healing is a very nurturing, gentle yet powerful method and an hour session costs - $70.